Location: Vela

Wassup friends, families, fans, and everybody else.
Today was a good one.

Fluctuating winds kept everybody busy with sail handling throughout the day. I myself spent the start of this morning center lining the staysails and putting up the main sail with Margret, Justin, Jack, Sydney, and Kara. Meanwhile, Barbara and Eloise cooked up some awesome chicken, bean burgers, and chips with cheese and gravy.
As per, lunch clean up was followed by the class, which today included seamanship and then study hall. Both of these got interrupted, however, by whales spouting on the horizon. It’s always great to see these amazing animals while underway, so the mass exodus from studying was completely justified. Sierra and Ethan were particularly keen-eyed when it came to spotting the whales, but despite our best efforts, we were unable to guide the drone overhead to get a better view.

As the wind continued to shift, we got set to jibe. Everyone mucked in to help drop the flying jib and center-line sails. I was joined by Emma and Lexia on the main sail sheet, and they crushed it. Perry and Kirstyn got the wettest of the sail-handling jobs and got truly soaked while flaking the flying jib on the bow sprit. Nora and Dray smashed it on the main staysail sheet.

After the jibe, we finally got to tuck into a dinner of stir-fry and cookies (not mixed together). The chefs did another solid job of cooking, and after a fairly simple squeeze, we all got settled in for the night watch routine. A few of us, however, may need a moment for our eyes to re-adjust to the dark after nearly being blinded by Romeo’s bright yellow foal-weather gear.

Everyone on Vela is currently still riding a sugar high from the mountain of cookies, so looks like we’re in for some night watches on the more energetic side.

Best wishes to everyone reading this from everybody here, and Happy Canada Day,