Location: Langkawi, Malaysia

This morning the crew awoke to the sounds of French music playing in the main saloon and the smell of crepes cooking in the galley. It’s Chinese New Year today, and to celebrate, we went to see the remote and beautiful freshwater lake of Tasik Dayang Bunting. After an easy morning’s boat ride and an oceanography class, we dropped our anchor in Teluk Dayang Bunting, a small turquoise bay surrounded by striking sheer cliffs and lush trees, and the shipmates packed up a picnic lunch and headed to shore. After some lunch and entertainment from some very curious monkeys that live on the island, the crew hiked up to the freshwater lake, which was a lively event, as many people were out celebrating the new year. Some chose to swim in the clear freshwater to lose the heat of the day, others went for paddleboat rides, and some went for a hike so as to get some photos of our lady Argo sitting out on her anchor. After returning to the boat, the shipmates towed for plankton and examined their specimens during their marine biology class. Just before dinner, Argo arrived back in Kuah in time for some ratatouille and a movie onboard – Around Cape Horn featuring Irving Johnson. With every passing day, the shipmates claim more responsibility and ownership over daily tasks performed on the boat, and it’s so impressive to watch them grow as sailors and as a community. Tomorrow we will enjoy some shore time before embarking on our first ocean passage to the Maldives!