Location: Singapore

Well, I’ll make this short and sweet since our day was extremely busy, and yours probably is too. First, since we finished off our Boat Appreciation (making Argo look all nice and pretty, for those who don’t know) yesterday, it decided to start raining today. Then that rain turned into a thunderstorm. Then we had to navigate one of the busiest traffic separation schemes on the planet next to one of the busiest ports on the planet in said rain. Amusingly enough, the immigration officials came side to side with Argo and took our documents in what looked like a fishing net (in a dry bag) because they didn’t want to come onboard in the pouring rain. But then, we docked in the beautiful One 15 Marina in Sentosa, Singapore, and the sun came out, and everything was nice and lovely. Though it was a difficult and busy day, it ended beautifully with a night in Sentosa. Everyone enjoyed the luxurious showers (the bathroom in the marina is larger than most people’s houses in Singapore. I am sure), dressing up, going out for dinner and drinks, and of course, checking up with loved ones via wifi and looking forward to our first day out in Singapore tomorrow!