Location: Sandy Island, Carriacou

Wind, sea salt, and goodbyes to Grenada- Today started at the crack of dawn with the sounds of phone alarms and music blasting at 5:45 AM. Waking up the crew was very easy and peaceful, with laughs and the energy of positivity flowing throughout ocean star. Julia had baked the team wonderful zucchini muffins and little cakes to munch on before hosting the mighty sails on our beautiful schooner. As the crew was wrapping up their breakfast, I announced the plans for the day. Soon after we started deck prep and set sails for Carriacou, the voyage took a total of 7 hours to get from Grenada to Sandy Island. After the first 2 hours of a light, breezy sail, Professor. Sam had planned a candy lab for us to play to review our upcoming OCE Quiz, which is tomorrow. Following the class, we had another one with Captain. Nick taught us how to identify different types of boats. After the 7-hour voyage, we went straight to another lab which involved us field searching the reef for abundant amounts of coral/ sea creatures. Today was very special for me because I was able to sail the boat during the voyage due to my job title of the “skipper.”