Location: Roatan, Honduras

So today, we finally arrived in Roatan! Everyone was in high spirits at the prospect of getting to land. We said goodbye to Robotag (the pigeon) – a sad goodbye in some cases, a gleeful boot in others. After a (somewhat damp) lunch of fried egg, cheese, and meat sandwiches, we did our last watch team rotation – the rumor that we’re changing teams was confirmed. It’s going to be hard to get used to new people and new routines, but a great opportunity to get to know others better. After lunch, we had OCE class (seafloor spreading – interesting stuff), and our Emergency First Responder exams, followed by deck showers. After the unexpected drizzle at lunch, we sailed for the rest of the afternoon in bright sunshine, arriving in Roatan at around 5. We docked Mediterranean style (anchored at the front and stern to the dock). A dinner of chicken and biscuits was followed by glorious free time (except for the rescue divers, who learned how to give victim oxygen), with everyone making the most of the stillness of the boat after four days of constant rocking. We moved our clocks back an hour (yay for gaining time!), and many had an early night in preparation for our big day of Boat Appreciation tomorrow.