Location: Underway to St. Vincent

Today was an eventful day! We started the morning with some top-quality crepes for breakfast. We then had marine biology class where we learned about the 5 factors that affect the distribution and abundance of marine life. We ended the morning with the open water divers starting their advanced open water lectures. This afternoon we resumed passage preparations in anticipation of the 2 life rafts being serviced, which we received this afternoon. After securing the 2 life rafts on deck, we finished all passage prep. We stopped for a photo op with Ocean Star and Vela, which are both also anchored in Falmouth Harbour; this is the first time the 3 boats have been together since Vela’s first voyage in the fall of last year and could be the only time all 3 ships are together because Argo and Vela will always be on the opposite side of the globe during their circumnavigation. We set off at about 17:00 and are on our way to St. Vincent. We went through a small storm right after setting off, but the skies are clear now, with more stars than I could ever imagine seeing.

Current position: 16 38.25′ N, 61 53.62′ W

1. Giselle and Riley sweating a life raft out of Megatron
2. Vela (left) and Ocean Star (right)
3. people enjoying our first passage