Location: The Petons, St. Lucia

Hi Grunions!

Did you know that, unlike other fish, grunion comes completely out of the water to lay their eggs in the sand? Pretty cool, right?! Today marks Capn Slick Nick’s first full day, and were happy to have him here with us! O. Star was a bit grumpy this morning, and our compressor didnt feel like filling our air tanks. But as we waited for the boat to be in a better mood, we had two oceanography classes. We learned about all different kinds of marine life and environments. We’ve had our fun at the dockyard and been a little spoiled by the freshwater showers and access to ice cream and cold drinks. It was high time we get back on the water and set sail.

As skipper, I was able to lead the mainsail raise. Watching how far we have come as a crew and seeing all the working parts come together was incredible. But don’t worry, I’ll be back to sweating and tailing ASAP. Once our sails were raised, we made our way over St. Lucia’s famous Pitons (which Marles does a great impression of). After mooring, we began to eat and were swarmed by bugs which launched the rest of the night into organized chaos. A few of our crew members lived to tell the tale of how they literally swept piles of bugs off the deck. As soon as the pit was finished cleaning, the crew locked ourselves down below and hunkered down to give presentations in red light. Attracting the bugs was not an option. All in all, our day was eventful. There’s never a dull moment aboard the Ocean Star.

Skipper Maria signing off for the last time. It’s been an honor and a privilege,

p.s. Mom and Frankie, I’m waving at ya in Cancun from the pitons!

Photo Captions:
1. le pitons
2. which guy has two thumbs and is called slick nick. This guy.
3. Ensign raise
4. using our jackets to their full potential
5. does this count as a freshwater shower
6. push him off da boat
7. Sophie holding the line
8. Kris sized fender
9. this is drip
10. pov you are a crumb, and meg is out to get you
11. just headmaster tings
12. Sunset sail takedown
13. red light presentations
14. Deck-ayyyy
15. On guard
16. wild Marles in her natural habitat
17. max
18. stubborn compressor
19. sorry there is rain on my camera
20. HoW dO yOu FeEl CoRal?!?!?!?