Location: Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

The Danimal led a strong team up the Petit Piton today. Departure at 6 am, return at 9:30, an impressive time! They were guided by Sylvester Bob Marley, who is known for running up and down, apparently making our boys look like wussies (according to Curry). At 11 am we succeeded in pulling up our most challenging anchor to date. This included manually pulling up part of the main anchor as even our windlass struggled with the weight! We had a beautiful motor along the coast of St. Lucia and arrived in Marigot bay around 1 pm. We enjoyed an afternoon of nautical science and oceanography classes, squeezed at 6 pm, and then went out to a classy dinner at Doolittle’s. The evening consisted of reputable toasts, tasty dishes, classy drinks, a pool, and a full crew thankful for the relaxation time.