Location: Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Today was one to remember. We started the day with banana bread and yogurt which was hand crafted by Smash, Mella and Sarah. It was great! Busses picked us up and brought us to the beginning of the hike. We started the hike by splitting up into three groups and hiking a trail that started in Punta del Hidalgo. Along the way we saw a lot of cacti, sheep, and also walked through a small village with a few farms. Eventually we ended up in Cruz del Carmen and only got lost a few times! When we got back to Argo after the hike we went and got Covid tests so we can have fun when we get to the Caribbean. To end this awesome day Amanda and Andrew organised for us to have beverages and pizza for dinner. The end.

Picture 1- Jake waving to his mom, Mrs. Valpey
Picture 2 – Sarah and Emma at the end of the hike
Picture 3 – Group 1 enjoying the hike
Picture 4 – Aftermath of dinner