Location: Grenada

We woke up this morning with toast, watermelon, and coffee. Breakfast was followed by a Marine Biology class all about the cool microorganisms that are invisible to our naked eyes. Coming out of class, two Hobie cats were waiting, and a racecourse had been set up using fender buoys from Ocean Star. The students all took turns racing around the course while the staff zipped about in the safety boat offering support and advice. This was a good time to practice tacks and jibes and experience the ‘no go zone’ firsthand. After sailing, the students had optional shore time. Some took the opportunity to discover Grenada’s treasures, such as local ‘chicken shacks’ and the beautiful long sandy beaches. Others took some time to enjoy Ocean Star quietly and work on their OCB papers. For dinner, we pulled up the tables and benches on deck and ate rice salad under the nearly full moon. Our ‘squeeze’ question for the night had all of us thinking about how we would change the world if we were the leaders. This got us warmed up nicely for the Leadership (SLD) class that followed. Time for bed.