Location: Gorda Sound, BVI

Today we awoke to an amazing breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fruit from our cooks. After clean up we attended a very insightful Marine Biology class by our professor Matty. Following our class we began Hobiecat Carnage, which consisted of the crew taking turns sailing hobiecats and two Rhodes sailboats, and lets just say the word carnage doesn’t do it justice. There were capsized hobies, men overboard, and boats stuck in Irons. Finally after a couple hours everyone had it down and some were skilled enough to run the racecourse. After proving ourselves masters of the ever elusive ability of sailing up wind, we had a free afternoon. The crew split up, some going to Saba Rock and some going to Bitter End Yacht Club. We all reconvened back at Argo for a Virgin Island presentation by Glenn and Graham followed by another delicious meal from our chefs, which brought a little piece of Italy to Argo. After our dinner clean up we had a night out at Saba Rock and all looked forward to another day here in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.