Location: Author: Matty Rob

After barely surviving the arctic chill of the air conditioning all night it was a pleasant surprise to realize the staff was not at fault for forgetting to turn the AC off. We were blessed with shore power for the first time since we were docked in St. Kitts at the beginning of our voyage. Although a grey sky met us it was no damper on my spirits, we were in English Harbour, one of my favorite places on the planet. I have recently enjoyed a significant portion of my life in this historical dock including last years memorable Christmas and the acknowledgement of my aging process when I turned 25. Speaking of old, English Harbour is the pivotal naval base of the British Empire during colonial times. The buildings, the cannons, the sail lofts all still remain. It is also the home of Race Week and Antigua Classics Yacht Regatta; there is no shortage of activities and characters. After breakfast and class we all turned our attention to giving the Ocean Star the care and sprucing up she deserves. We were proud of our vessel but felt outdone as we watched the tiny outline of a person scale up the 150 feet to the top of the mast with a bucket of suds to wash the mast of a boat next door. Kevin assured us we would get to it next BA. After that the students left to explore and the staff enjoyed there favorite local burgers and put some finishing touches on the boat in preparation to welcome Travis (the director of Seamester who came for a visit). Soon after his arrival Tor and her intrepid helpers showed up with a taxi full of food which Danny skillfully sliced and diced and made us exceptional homemade pizzas. After dinner Kevin was shocked as I emerged from the Laz with a 2 foot shark that has been preserved in formaldehyde. It proved to be worth the hassle of hiding the dogfish in the laz as the dissection was a huge success and ended the day on a good note.