Location: Atlantic


Last night and today might have been one of the hottest days yet, but it came with some really fun times. This morning, we kicked off strong on Watch Team 2, discussing one of the most unexpected but welcome topics: Transformers. I don’t exactly remember how we got to it, but once we started, Joe, Miles, and I all teamed up to try and explain all the ins and outs of the franchise and comics. Much to Callie’s and everyone else’s shock, we spent about half of the 12-4 AM explaining it. The other half was dedicated to Star Wars. Miles, Joe and I really got into it again and seriously started to nerd out, which was a blast. The watch ended, and we all went down into our sweltering humid cabins. It will be quite the shock going from shirtless, sweating, and barefoot to bundled, shivering, and boots in the Maine winter. Our meals were really delicious, and after lunch, while waiting on deck before class, I got a hit with a spray down from one of the funniest people on board and prank genius, Erik. He really made my day, and I really appreciate him. So, shoutout to him.

Class in the salon was tough. However, to our surprise, Calum turned on the air conditioning!!!!! It was a lifesaver. Post classes, I finished up my Oceanography powerpoint and am super excited to talk about my favorite marine mammals later this week. Always a great day when they’re involved somehow.

After dinner tonight, as everyone went to do their clean-up jobs, tuna started leaping out of the water! In the distance off our starboard side, their massive bodies achieved serious airtime. It was so cool and such a nice way to wrap up the day. Apparently, Watch Team 1 saw some this morning, and Watch Team 3 had another flying fish come into the cockpit. We haven’t been able to see them on board yet, but I’m sure sometime I will.

My squeeze question: What has been your favorite moment with the people in your cabins?
My answer: Sometimes, when a class ends, either Joe or Sean will say, “Everyone man your stations,” and all 6 of us book it into bed and are asleep in less than 5 mins. Even if we have class in 15, we are able to squeeze a quick nap in there.

Meals made by Anna:
Spinach and Tofu Curry (lunch)
Black Bean tortilla bowls (dinner)
Watch snack:
Lemon pound cake

Species count that I’ve seen today:
Tuna x1 school
Shearwater x 5
Flying Fish x 3

General announcements:
Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone back home! I love and miss everyone. I feel very lucky to have such a supportive family back home. Thank you.
Happy belated Friendsgiving as well. I really have been thinking about how wonderful, kind, and fun all my friends are back home. So thankful. They seriously rock.
Shoutout to my best friend, Aiden; if you are reading this, I just want to let you know that I appreciate you big time. I can’t wait to hang out with you and vibe again.
CONGRATS COA PEOPLE FOR SMASHING THROUGH FALL TERM!!!! WOOOOO!!!!! Sending all the high fives and hugs and good energy from the Atlantic.

Final fun fact: you’re all so loved and appreciated. Wherever and whoever you may be. Everyone aboard sends so much love back home to their family and friends. I hope your sunrises are bright, your sunsets are long, and the stars come out to say hello and hang out with your awesome self.

This will likely be my last skipper day and blog post if nothing changes, so peace out <3