Location: Richard's Bay, South Africa

After four days of safari tours, Argo once again has a full cream onboard. Though the past few days have been relaxing, sharing Argo with only 14 other people feels strange and quiet. This morning things quickly went back to normal. The saloon was fully packed, with PSCT (professional skipper training) in one corner, divemaster work in another, tools spread across the only remaining table, and chefs slacking off in the galley. Marine biology class took a short walk from where Argo is docked as the day’s lecture was centered around tidal ecosystems. The students then had free time to begin finishing up final assignments and catch some last-minute WiFi. We will wrap up our day’s classes with a “How To” presentation from Matt and a trivia game in SLD (student leadership). Over the past few days, while Argo has been safely docked here in Richard’s Bay, a strong wind has been blowing up from the south, bringing with it some chilly Southern Ocean air. The chill has had a few effects on Argo’s crew, such as trading in ice cream breaks for hot chocolate and tank tops for sweatshirts. The timing of the change in weather is a reminder that back home, winter jackets are starting to be pulled out of closets, and first snows are beginning to fall, and all too soon, we will be returning to a world in which shoes are not optional, and your 28 best friends live slightly further than 100 ft away.