Location: Underway to Cape Town

Taking classes aboard Argo is different than any typical classroom setting. You learn about the topics hands-on, and you build relationships that are everlasting. Sailing across the open ocean, today we witnessed phytoplankton blooms that account for primary production, and also the rationale for hot water showers down below as we cannot make freshwater. As the sea calmed down, we were able to accomplish far more than yesterday. Today we crammed for our final exam, oceanography to be exact, and prepared for our final class, leadership. During our final class of SLS, we were reminded of our voyage as a whole, from day one in Singapore today, 83, out here in the open ocean. We view the world, our mates, and even ourselves differently. We have grown not only as one but also as a team. As we set sail for Capetown, the final destination of our adventure, we will have realized that Argo is our home, and these teams of thirty so-called strangers are now a makeshift family. In seven short days, we will be parting ways and set out towards a new destination, with new faces found in new places. Although each journey may be different, we have one thing in common. As a family of thirty, we have homes within thirty different locations all across the globe and couches within each of those thirty homes available to crash on.