Location: Saba

Hi all,

Today was a wonderful day here in Saba. Half the crew went diving while the other half-finished up their Nav master exams. While diving, we saw tons of amazing sea turtles. They truly are so friendly and unafraid, which makes for an awesome experience underwater. We got to do two dives back to back, the first through some amazing, canyon-like reef structures where we got to see eight to ten tarpon just resting under a little cliff at the bottom. We then dove over a beautiful reef wall whose top was covered with a dense reef garden full of fan corals. It was amazing seeing the turtles come in and out of the waving coral as they seemed to pay us no mind. Valentina swam next to one for a while, trying to get in perfect sync and in touch with her inner sea turtle.

For lunch, we had some delicious Tabouli, Hummus, and fresh carrots courtesy of Sonnet, Drej, and Leoni. The afternoon was spent finishing up our group research projects for Oceanography, which were due right before dinner. We did some passage prep as well as we prepare to leave Saba after a short but jam-packed visit and head south to St. Lucia, where the crew is excited to do some more diving and hiking in the rainforest. The squeeze question this evening was, “what is your favorite Ice Cream flavor, but say it in Batman’s voice?” We had some hesitant members of the circle but all in all, had some great laugh as people tried to do their best batman impression. As I’m writing this, the crew is finishing up their jobs, and then we are getting underway.

Charlie the Skipper

P.S. Shoutout to the whole fam back home. I miss you so much and can’t wait to share with you everything I’ve done! Love you guys!

Photo #1: A creepy photo Colm took of me taking my Nav Master exam
Photo #2: A wonderful dinner with the mood lights up
Photo #3: Who knows what Calum is doing