Location: Saba

Epic! Incredible! Beautiful! So fun! Such an adventure!

These are the words I would use to describe today – an all-around spectacular day, from start to finish. For some, the day started early, with our first group of students heading off to Saba for some beloved shore exploration at around 6:30. But this was no ordinary shore adventure. Even the dinghy drop-off was epic – we can only get so close, so everyone started their day with a nice jump and swim to shore, frantically holding their bags above their heads. Then, it was up the first flight of stairs (300-ish). Once you arrive at the old customs house, there is, in fact, not a door with a town on the other side (picture Narnia), but instead, more stairs. These were through a jungle. Keep going, and you’ve made it to The Bottom (if that’s what it’s called)!!! A quaint little town, filled with coffee shops and bakeries, though none of them seemed to actually be open… turns out nothing’s open on a Sunday. Here, to continue the journey up to Saba’s peak, lovingly referred to as “The Tippy Top,” you must change your mode of transportation – to hitchhiking!! That’s right. We hitchhiked up to “The Top!”. But alas, The Top is not actually the top (hence the distinguishing name “the Tippy Top” for the actual top). To get all the way to the Tippy Top, you must now walk up more stairs. It got sweaty. But there were also epic views, epic orange juices, epic frozen coffees, and epic brownies. Really everything you could want. And that was just the first half of the day!

The second half was spent at the Bitty Bottom – aka, underwater!! We did two epic dives this afternoon; the Advanced divers did some boat diving (a classic) and some Fish ID practice (see the photo of their slates – that’s right. Those drawings of fish were used to ID unknown species. They thrived). The Open Water divers got to go on their very first fun dive! And let me tell you, it was SO FUN! How fun! SO fun!!!! The fun thing about me, I love the ocean. And fish. And blue. Basically, today was just all my favorite things.

To cap it all off, we had a scrumptious stir fry made by Ash, Joelle, and Dakotah – it was so tasty and warming. Clearly made with lots of love. And because we were all so hungry, we had a second course of sausage, bacon, and guacamole wraps (obviously).

Oh, also, can’t forget the epic sunset or epic flipping session we had during shower time (again, see photos).

Literally the best day ever…
So far.

Thanks for reading!