Location: Underway to Fiji

Hello peeps! Lewis from Argo here, still somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean… Another sunny day, finished off by a lovely drizzle of rain this evening. All of us are fully acclimated to ocean life; I actually woke up with a dorsal fin this morning. Haha…
For this blog, I thought I’d mix it up and give you an intimate experience of the Argo life.

There are three watch teams that rotate through a rough 4 hours on 8 hours off schedule. Watches make up a big chunk of our time on passage, and given that we’re three weeks in (with two more to go) of the biggest passage in SeaMester history, each team is tight-knit and uniquely eccentric in their own ways. Undeniably all three are watch teams that need to be kept in the Argo record books. The three legendary watch teams consist of the following:

Watch Team 1:
Members: Lolo, Lewis, Marina, Mac, Renee, Natalie, Bella, Trevor

Watch Team 2:
Members: Elle, Steph, Una, Ezra, Elie, Sam, Nick, Gillian, Riley

Watch Team 3:
Members: Amanda, Gabe, Thea, Niko, Louis, Felipe, Izzy, Frankie, Giselle

+ Watch Team 0:
Members: Tim, (it’s just Tim but don’t tell him)

The watch teams were tasked with answering 5 questions at the start of today:
1. What is your watch team mascot?
2. What are the watch team nicknames?
3. If you had to play one musical artist on watch, who would it be?
4. What is a normal topic of conversation on watch?
5. What is the funniest watch moment?

Here were their answers:
Watch Team 1:

Mascot: Blue Footed Boobies
Nicknames: Lolo “Lauren” Shea, Lewis “LewLew” Turner, Marina “Bugs Marinski” Cirillo, Trevor “Trev Dog” Searns, Renee “Rendizzle” Perry, Mac “Big Mac aka The Mustache” LaBarge, Bella “Tinkerbella” Blatchley, Natalie “The Destroyer” Hibbert
Musical Artist: Quinn XCII (aka “that one panama song”- Lolo), Clinton Kane (aka The Chicken Tendies), Lewis Turner (an absolute enigma all around)
Conversation Topic: Hyper-theticals
Funniest Moment: Taking in on the main staysail preventer and the Facasia incident

Watch Team 2:

Mascot: Elle-ephant (from Elle’s riddles)
Nicknames: Elle “F” Edwards, Steph “O” Topal (Steph-Henny), Sam “Q” Peene, Nick “X” Sachman, Una “K” Oljaca, Riley “J” Garvey, Ezra “G” Wallach, Elie “M” Grutter, Gillian “S” Moore
Musical Artist: T-Pain (aka Tylenol Pain Relief)
Conversation Topic: Psycopath Trait
Funniest Moment: The Poop Incident.

Watch Team 3:

Mascot: Kraken
Nicknames: Amanda “Mom” Cole, Gabe “Beat Master Fresh” Cohen, Niko “Hungry Hippo” Gjaja, Louis “The Boatcheck” Adamian, Giselle “Gnarly Girl” Lewis, Thea “Peanuts” Keene, Izzy “Hype” Lhuilier, Frankie “Poosh” Galli, Felipe “Robinson” Rodriguez
Musical Artist: A Boogie with a Hoodie
Conversation Topic: The nightly watch leader question
Funniest Moment: Robinson’s boot camp that Gabe thought was a satanic ritual + The April Fools incident with Watch Team 1…

Watch Team 0:

Mascot: Tropic Bird
Nicknames: Tim “The Real Tim Shady” Linsell
Musical Artist: Kaleo
Conversation Topic: Is the “S” or the “C” silent in scent? Is a loaf of sliced bread just a bread sandwich? What has Bono been looking for?
Funniest Moment: discovering the ancient Cayman adage – “not today Bo-bo”


They were also asked to take a ‘staged candid’
(warning. some things in life cannot be understood)

We send our love to the family and friends back home or wherever you are located 🙂
Surrounded by a world of blue,
We see a new point of view.
A place so vast, and so unknown.
Yet this is the place we call home.

We began this journey
And will end it the same,
On an island of a foreign name.

Antigua, where the waters are warm
And the sun is bright.
St. Vincent, where we sounded our horn
And sailed into the night.

Panama. Where we crossed a continent into a new Ocean.
We left the Atlantic and met the Pacific with a whole new emotion
And the Galapagos. A place teeming with life.
We learned, and from its inhabitants, gained great advice.

So onto the next,
Of the places unknown.
We gather this beauty,
And we shall take it home.

– With Love, Lewis 🙂 catch you on the flip!

Current position:

Pictured: Watch Team 1. Watch Team 2. Watch Team 3