Location: Dominica

you may think I’m a weirdo

That’s right, I am.

weirdo Joel is the name
Joel the troll
being weird is the game

anyway, here’s what we did today

The wake-up was on time, I know it’s not like me, but I’m weird like that. We changed locations of the boat to this slightly bigger town while motoring. Everyone took their 4th marine bio exam, and of course, it was dreaded. When vela arrived, we were greeted by a sick dude named Poncho. He helped us anchor amongst many smaller boats. Just before lunch, leadership class was next, and we got to see Eli and Izzy do a sick presentation. There was a little bit of free time in the afternoon where the people who were not rescue divers and divemasters could have free time, a variety of choices, some stayed on the boat, tanned and snorkeled, and others chose to explore a little on shore. Hendo and Skyler had a conversation with this guy who sounded really interesting and funny; then they saw a guy who was talking to somebody on an iPad. The rescue divers and DM’s dove, and on the dive, we saw the ugliest fish ever! It was the weirdest shape and was waddling around on the sea grass, followed by a second one. They looked like an old married couple.

Once that was all over, we rolled into Thanksgiving dinner, and a huge appreciation goes out to the chefs that were cooking all day and the people who made side dishes and desserts. There was so much food, but by the time the night was over, it was all gone.

Love you, mom, dad, family, and friends.