Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

Well I’m back on Near Enough after living on Ocean Star for a few weeks and I couldn’t be happier. My first day back I was the skipper and the morning started off sunny with a little drizzle. We left early for Fort de France and had pancakes on the way. On the way there, a few rain showers hit us but it was not bad at all. We arrived in the harbor of Fort de France around 8:30 and then we spent a few hours in the city. It was quite a change compared to what we have been used to, and walking around in a French speaking city was a lot of fun. The last dinghy back to the boats was at 1pm. Once we were all aboard both boats we sailed to St. Pierre. Once we arrived there, we went straight to our Student Leadership Development class where we reflected on the trip at the 40 day mark. The day ended with our Communications midterm exam, followed by a piece of chocolate cake that Lisette made for us for Halloween. Hopefully everone did well and tomorrow we’re hiking Mt. Pelee, I can’t wait!