Location: Tobago Cays to Petite Tabac

(To be read in a pirate accent) Ah-ha mateys! Today be da most glorious day in de voyage thus far. De scoundrel crew of Ocean Star were raised from der slumber to de morning rations of French toast and a local plant named bananas. After swabbing de decks de rogues gathered below and were instructed on volcanoes and earthquakes, vital knowledge in de training of pirates. De captain ordered for de anchor to be raised and de buccaneers steered de vessel safely through de treacherous reefs that surround de Tobago cays, making it de best place for burying treasure in de whole of de Caribbean. After more rations de villains jumped ashore at our new anchorage, Petit Tabac, known for its infamous pirate activity, most recently known as de island where Captain Jack Sparrow was stranded twice. T’was a shame dat de island must have been pillaged by our enemies afore us, as 40 paces north east of de hollow palm de ground was bare and de treasure vanished- scoundrels! De island was scoured thoroughly and de pirates frustrations broke into a bloodthirsty battle of Ultimate Frisbee. At sundown de wary, unscrupulous adventurers returned to de ship for warm grub and to be tested on der pirate knowledge by de feared Captain Kevin. De motley ruffians best answer right or der’ll be lashings for sure! setdate:2012-10-17