Location: Underway to the Azores

We started in the early morning hours of 12-4 when watch team 2 (Phoebe, Claire, Cate, Maya, Leo, Santana) wished Phoebe a very happy birthday. We then had a 4-hour dance party where everyone but Claire succumbed to fatigue. After that, a nice long nap for watch team 2 while we neared even closer to the Azores.

I woke up to the smell of quesadillas and a galley run by exclusively watch team 2 members (Leo as head chef and Phoebe and Maya as sous chefs.) We expedited our food and consumed our delectable meal accompanied by some dolphins. A nice schedule change-up today with PSCT students rolling right into class after meal time while a study hall was held for the rest of the students. After PSCT ended, we had a wonderful presentation by yet again another watch team 2 member (Claire) about Azores’ history and culture. THEY ARE ALL LIZARD PEOPLE. WE ARE NOT SAFE. Then, Cate, Emma, and I hopped into baking invisible peanut butter cookies for Phoebe’s birthday, and the galley team finished up dinner.

A delicious Italian pasta with sausage was on the menu tonight, and we sang happy birthday to Phoebe while her cookies magically reappeared. We wrapped up the day with a warm squeeze where we detailed the reasons we are all so very appreciative of Phoebe, and we’re accompanied by even more dolphins. As I write this blog, our watch team leader Claire just shouted the first land ho of our journey. We are all so very excited to get back on land and enjoy some of our luxuries. However, I think most of us have really been warming up to the boat life. I am so excited for what’s in store, and based on the number of experiences our crew has shared, it’s hard to believe that we aren’t even halfway through the seamester. – Santa