Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

Hello there, fans, did you miss me? 🙂

What a great day did we have today on Ocean Star. Our day started out with a peaceful morning, where we enjoyed eggs and sausage for breakfast. Then we had a brief oceanography class and were off to our river tour. This was just an overall great tour for an abundance of reasons. First off, we got to use many scientific tools to help us get info on the turbidity, salinity, and temperature of the water in the river. We stopped in different spots to do that, but once that was over, it was time to sit back and enjoy the beautiful view. We got to see an iguana, which was really awesome, and to be honest; it took me a minute to figure out why everyone was looking at a certain tree but realized it was because of the iguana. We also stopped at a small shack, where it turns out they filmed a scene for Pirates of the Caribbean, and we actually got to go inside it, which was really cool. It was the setting for Calypso’s cabin in the second movie. Then for the first time in what feels like a while, we got to step on land and enjoy a few cold beverages. During this time, we encountered some of the cutest cats I’ve ever seen and just had a great time. Then we returned back to O.C. (what we call Ocean Star) and finished up our EFR training. To finish up EFR we had to go through a couple of scenarios which really showed how prepared you are in case of emergencies. Steve and Lolo were the people we had to take care of, and it was pretty funny walking up from the salon and seeing both of them on the ground waiting to be rescued by us.

Furthermore, doing this activity really did show that we are all pretty well prepared for EFR situations and we were all ready to take the exam. After the exam, we had some free time to get some school work done, catch up with family/friends and enjoy the beautiful sunset. We saw the green flash and Steve even captured a picture of it! We also had some delicious burgers for dinner and just a great time hanging out with each other. Moreover, it was definitely another successful day aboard Ocean Star and cannot wait to see what we have planned next.

Really hoping to see Argo soon.

Until next time, Skipper Gus