Location: Underway to Mauritius

The early mornings began with many people breaking out their foulies for the first time, for during night watch, there were some wicked squalls out in the distance. By the grace of God, the foulies ended up only being a fashion staple as we narrowly missed the rain. There was a team of early risers who got dialed in and ground out the rest of their literature review essays and revised for the fish log exam. The wobbegong shark was a key question. We started the official day at lunch, and due to the very big waves, we remained clipped so we wouldn’t be launched out into the great abyss. Due to these tremendous waves, we planned to serve our food down below. This is the first time we’ve done this so far and also the beginning of the end for young Wes. After our delicious spicy chicken tacos cheffed up by staff Ali we began clean-up. During clean-up, as the gopher hatch was open and innocent, Wes was working hard for the team. A humongous wave hit the boat and crashed through the gopher hole and made Wes a victim. The great sport he is, he didn’t allow the fact he was soaked head to toe to deter his cheerful mood. As we cleaned up and finished, we had our highly anticipated leadership class, where the class voted for individuals to give a presentation on a topic not of their choice with no preparation.

There were many laughs and giggles. Following leadership, we had marine biology, where we continued learning taxonomy, specifically cephalopods. As supper came by, we munched on some vodka el penne without vodka and little penne pasta, mostly other pasta shapes. To end the day, we enjoyed Jake’s brownies named Penance and had squeeze. The question is, if we had a Hunger Games simulation, who would be the first to die, and who would win? Frequent names for winners were Ava, Smash, and Daniel. As I write this in the Chart house, I notice the number of joined names with hearts written on the whiteboard is slowly increasing. Love you, Mum.