Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Rise and shine. Shockingly, I didn’t wake up the crew with my usual pots and pans. Instead, I decided to go for the classic wake-up music. The morning was slow moving, but we eventually made it to breakfast for Syd’s blueberry muffins with fruit and yogurt. After breakfast, we did our final research project presentations for oceanography. Crazy to think that was our last ever marine science class on Ocean Star. After the presentations, we had a seamanship class with Drew for our final VHF exams. We practiced our Mayday calls and learned the phonetic alphabet, then took our VHF exams. That was a wrap for all our exams for the semester. After, we ate couscous and veggies for lunch made by Sydney and the sous chefs. After clean-up, most of the crew went diving on their own!! A few of us stayed back, feeling a bit of the “finals flu.” While everyone dove, I spent time in the foc’sle, getting much-needed rest. When the others returned from their dive, we heard all about their amazing sights. Some saw a huge eagle ray, and others saw an octopus. It was awesome to see everyone diving on their own for the first time. After diving, we had some time to relax before dinner. Sydney outdid herself again with her famous pizza. Crazy enough, it didn’t rain this time when she made it. We enjoyed some pizza with salad and veggies; then we were off to bed. That’s all I got for you.

Photos 1and2: On route to dive by themselves (aka no instructor)
Photo 3: Funny faces in class
Photo 4: Sunset