Location: Underway to Somewhere in South Africa

Today, our day started at 0500 so that we could get the boat moving and out of Richard’s Bay. After coming off of a very cool safari and time well spent in Richard’s Bay, everyone was pretty stoked to get underway again and explore more of the beautiful place that is South Africa. Before lunch, we saw a group of about 100 spinner dolphins, a whale, and a pair of great whites. After lunch, we had a fire drill. Today was a pretty chill day. After the fire drill, we had study hall and showers. Our schedule impinges upon the weather, so (like usual) nothing is guaranteed nor set in stone here on Argo as the plans are constantly changing and adapting to best suit our route to Cape Town. But that’s what makes it interesting here on Argo! Spirits are still at an all-time high, which is very cool and special to see and test out the stamina of our group as the program pushes on. I miss my family and friends tons, but I’m very excited to absorb absolutely everything South Africa and the rest that this journey has to offer.

Julia 🙂

Coordinates: 03018.52’S 03059.59’E