Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Hey there blog readers of the quarantined world,

We have had a productive day here on Ocean Star. Amanda worked on her new virtual teaching skills, so I hope everyone compliments her clickable links in the google drive. She even taught Sash and I (who were in the salon) an oceanography lecture from the chart house using Zoom. We interrupted her a lot, but she couldn’t scold us because this big metal can we are living in creates a lot of buffering and interference (I think we figured out the issues though). Meanwhile, Steve was in and out of the engine room, sorting out some issues that his favorite piece of equipment on board (the generator) was having. I spent the day inventorying the dive gear we have and other random dive spares I found. The laz has not been this organized in quite a long time. After the day’s work, Amanda led an exercise session that Sash summarized as “Amanda bullying Lolo and Lolo suffering.” Some good smells lured us into the galley soon after, and we were happy to find a wonderful meal prepared by Sash. The day got even better when Amanda pulled out a dessert tray from the fridge that held lime panna cotta. Before today, I had no idea what panna cotta was, and I’m still not sure I do, but it was delicious.

Moving throughout the boat, the past few days has been incredibly odd. I didn’t realize just how big the salon is or how spacious the cockpit is when there aren’t 20 people squashed inside. However, this newfound freedom of movement is bittersweet. Although I don’t have to say excuse me ten times for every 15 feet that I move, I am not surrounded by laughter, Matthew’s ridiculous comments, water splashing as people jump in for a swim, or 16 wonderful shipmates that make this job and experience as incredibly unique as it is. We miss all of you and look forward to our virtual squeeze every day now.

Do you guys remember that time we saw sperm whales??