Location: Dominica

The crew awoke to sunrise views of Dominica after 24 hours of passage from St. Kitts. After a drastically smoother sail compared to our first passage, spirits were refreshingly high all around. Small victories include 0/18 seasickness victims, fresh sheets, and local VIP laundry service from our island connection “Pancho.” (Clean laundry should be returned in 2-3 days “island time”) Our waterfront views for the next few days show the lush green rainforest covering the island. This is a nice change from the dry BVIs and populated St. Kitts. Everyone is excited to explore and learn about the local Dominican way here at our southernmost destination of the trip. With a slower-paced day today, students had time to catch up on studying and plan research projects. Thanks to our patient instructors, Oceanography and Sailing classes are progressing well. I’ve found it extremely rewarding to see and practice the skills we are learning here on board. We have a long way to go, but everyone is working well together to make Ocean Star do what she does best-sail.