Location: Princess Margaret Bay, Bequia

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain (Skipper of the day) speaking. As the crew gets on with cleanup, I will take you on a quick dive through today’s events: We started off strong with Jack’s eggs and potato breakfast and then went straight into marine biology and leadership classes. Heated debates erupted as soon as the train and leaver paradox was brought up, with discussions continuing well past class time and all the way into lunch. After stuffing ourselves with buffalo chicken (or tofu), we set up our gear, and we did our navigation dive, which for most, was the first step to getting their advanced open water PADI certification. We were hit with crystal clear visibility as soon as we entered the water, and most of us passed our exam, despite the strong surge. We closed the day with a breathtaking sunset, a small dance party, and Jack’s dinner of cheese, pasta with vodka sauce (without the vodka), bread, and some more cheese.
Until next time…