Location: St. Lucia

Today we were up and ready to go scuba diving! Peter, from the SMMA, was scheduled to come to lead our dive in the protected reefs. The boat arrived, and we piled in to go an impressive 40 meters away, near the shore. Superman’s Flight is a popular dive, which derived its name when Superman 2 was filmed in the same place. It was a drift dive, which means you float with the current, and the boats will meet you at a predetermined area. The reef was amazing- there was a reef as far as you could see! One of my favorite parts of the dive was being able to identify a few of the more common species. It is crazy what you learn in a month. We came up for air around the corner where we started. When we got back, there was lunch waiting for us! The best part was the surprise banana cake with a coconut glaze that Momo made to celebrate the fact that everyone passed the ICC Exam! After lunch, there was an optional trip to the hot springs. A bunch of people chose to remain behind to nap in the hammocks and write their scientific literature reviews. Nick and Momo snuck off to the bat caves to explore! The rest of us headed to shore and to the hot springs.

We headed up the hill, following the smell of sulfur, trying to find these hot springs. We were unsuccessful in our mission, but instead, we found the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano! Of course, we walked in and had an awesome mud bath in the volcano crater. The mud has now become ingrained in our skin, and we smell faintly of sulfur, but it was totally worth it! A couple of the guys (JB, Scott, Anthony, and Ty have decided to take up synchronized swimming! The class just finished, and now it is free time! Tune in next time to hear of our crazy adventures on Ocean Star!