Location: Port Antonio, Jamaica

Day thirty-five began with wake-ups and a quick breakfast aboard in anticipation of the activities to follow. We traveled through Boston as a group and saw some amazing sites. Firstly, we had a “waterfall tour.” This wasn’t just a waterfall: due to erosion, the waterfall had created caves large enough to fit our whole group in, not to mention a pool in the shape of a heart! We took many pictures, so this part of our day was definitely well documented. Our next stop was lunch, and what a delicious lunch it was. We all tried jerk chicken, pork, or sausage: a well-known Jamaican meal. Everyone really enjoyed the food, and some people even bought jerk sauce to bring home, so lucky you if your family member made that purchase! Our last stop was the Blue Lagoon, famous for Jacques Cousteau’s experiment of depth. The lagoon was believed to be bottomless. However, he proved otherwise by use of SCUBA equipment. The lagoon was indeed very blue. Some of us swam across the lagoon to a tree that was low enough to climb on from the surface of the water and then jump off of. This amused us for a while until we finally had to leave. Now back on the boat, we just finished dinner and are about to have a class and a guest lecturer come to speak about sailing in older time periods.