Location: St. Barth's

Today one of the crew members jumped ship, a surprise guest boarded Ocean Star, and to cool down, almost everyone got ice cream!

This fine morning we were in Oceanography, learning about fisheries when our captain left Ocean Star for another ship! Our captain, Jack, after leaving Momo in charge, started working as a deckie on Meteor. (Meteor, one of the massive gorgeousracing sailboats, needed another person to handle the main sheet during a big race and so Mike, one of the head honchos for Sea|Mester, called up Jack!)

After a riveting Ocean Biology class, the afternoon was free time, so the crew dispersed to explore St. Barths. What can you find in St. Barths? Many things, including leather and gold, plated hammock by Louis Vuitton, wifi at the cost of a beverage, lots of beautiful beaches, and many beautiful boats. (Though Ocean Star held its own; a bunch of people came by circling and taking pictures of her too.) St. Barth’s is a destination spot for many celebrities, so there are a lot of high-end shops to window shop in. There are also plenty of souvenir shops, all displaying shirts with quotes. One of my favorite funny quotes was, “I got a boat for my wife. I think it was a good trade.” If clothes shopping is not for you, there are plenty of French bakeries and supermarkets to hit up. There is a superb ice cream shop where at one point or another, everyone got a cone from!
If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can go check out the local airport. In addition to having a pilot’s license, you need to take a specialty day course in order to land a plane there because the runway is obscured by hills until you touch down. If you stand on top of the hill, you might touch a descending plane! There is also a wonderful view of the neighboring islands and the harbor. In the distance, the sailboat race could be seen.
A bunch of the crew hopped into Exy and watched the ending of the race from there. Before dinner, Mike came on board to check out Ocean Star! He didn’t stay that long, but it was great to meet one of the trifecta.
Fears were conquered, islands explored, and ice cream was eaten. Overall, it was a good day for Ocean Star!
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