Location: Mountain Point

This morning we were awoken by the mouth-watering smell of cinnamon as the chefs prepared French toast. After our delicious breakfast, followed by our routine clean up, we began to set up our scuba gear and set the day off with an exciting scuba dive. Those who were more advanced in scuba went on a fun dive and, from what I heard, had an amazing time. Beginning a part of the beginner group, I speak for all when I say we had just as fun. The dive surprised us with up-close encounters with turtles, trumpet fish, and parrotfish. After all of us had finished our dives, we all had the chance to relax on the anchored boat and take in some sun or catch up on some reading while lunch was being prepared. After lunch, open water divers went to class while the rest of the ship continued to enjoy the beautiful day and constant sunscreen routine. Once open water divers were done, they switched with advanced divers and also got a chance to relax on deck. Jess did some drawing, Haley did some photography, Paige did some studying and myself and others did some reading. Later we all gathered while one of our staff, Laurie, showed us our scientific gadgets which we would use in the future for our team research projects. After that, our chefs started preparing our delicious meal of stir fry while the rest of us showered. The end of the day was marked as dinner was served. It was really quite beautiful to watch as the sun came down on the ocean and to feel the Caribbean summer winds brush up against your skin. All and all, today was just another typical amazing day on Ocean Star with even more amazing people who are slowing falling together like pieces in a puzzle.