Location: Mountain Point, B.V.I.

Last night just after the previous blog was written, a large ship with a huge spotlight came cruising up to the reef. Without warning, brilliantly colored fireworks went off over the bay. Watching them from the deck of the ocean star was such a cool experience! This morning we learned that they were for Elton John on his birthday. He was staying at a resort right next to the anchorage. Today was our sunniest day so far and filled with more fun and getting to know each other. We started off the day with more confined water dives for those getting their open water certifications and a short shore excursion for the certified crew-members. We walked for 10 minutes to the windward side of Virgin Gorda to see the rocky beach. It was a coral graveyard filled with various corals, hermit crabs, and shells. I found a large black volcanic rock that floated in the waves up to the beach. Noelle found our newest crew-member, Kevin, the coconut. He was found in all the rubble and brought aboard to live the life that pirate coconuts are made for. After our time on the windward side, we walked back to Savannah Bay and had fun swimming at the beach before lunch.

After lunch was all business. We learned our watch teams and went over rescue/ safety scenarios before motoring to mountain points. Before dropping anchor, we did a brief man overboard drill with Oscar the lifebuoy. At Mountain Point, we made dinner and had a shower time filled with laughter and fun. During dinner, everyone tried to solve Sully’s various riddles. We then took a vote on what to name our new coconut. Kevin took the majority, named after our beloved captain. It was great feeling my ribs hurting from laughing so hard and strengthening bonds with all my shipmates. Only day four and we are all already friends and having a great time. Twenty days might be too short.