Location: Ile Fourchue, Saint Barths

Today we started the day with some cereal, toast, yogurt, and milk. After breakfast, Emma and I convinced some crewmembers we met at the marina to let us on their super-yacht for a tour. It was hysterical to see the difference between a multi-million dollar yacht and classically rigged Ocean Star. Although the yacht was incredible, we both agreed that we preferred the more traditional, cozy home Ocean Star provides for us. Back on Ocean Star, it was time to leave Gustavia. As Ocean Star was docked closely between two yachts, it was necessary for us as a crew to conduct a highly impressive maneuver to get off the dock at St. Barth’s. It was so impressive that we actually attracted a small crowd of people taking pictures as we left the dock.

We had an anchor team hauling up to pull the bow into the wind, people reeling in lines from the dock, and Jon and Alex in Exy (our trusty dinghy) helping to push the bow of the boat off the dock. Ocean Star turned in her own boat length. In Tor’s words, we “killed it”!! Once we said goodbye to St Barth’s we came to a strange and somewhat terrifying realization that the dock in Gustavia, St Barth’s is the last dock we will see until we dock in Tortola at the end of the trip, which will, unfortunately, happen in about two weeks. After a 45-minute motor, we arrived at Ile Fourchue. We learned that the island was once populated by goats, but they ate all of the vegetation and eventually died off. Once anchored, we had some lunch and prepared for our first coral surveying dive. The first group saw a shark, which was the first time a shark has been seen on this trip!! Even though sharks are exciting, I saw a parrotfish poop for the first time, something I have been dying to see! (smile). We then had a delicious pasta dinner and some OCE to finish the night.