Location: Bangkok,Thailand

Hello everyone’s families! It’s our second day in Thailand, and we’re still tied up to the dock surrounded by massive cargo ships. Last night we got back into our “anchor” watch rotation and woke up at our usual 7 o’clock. Luckily, our head chef Will and sous chefs prepared a filling breakfast of pancakes, Nutella, peanut butter, and syrup. After breakfast, the goal for today was something that we like to call “messy BA” or “messy boat appreciation.” There was a ton of work done on Argo today, and we undertook a plethora of jobs that only happen at the end of the semester: cleaning out the laz, taking the sails off the masts, cleaning our BCDs, PFDs and lines. We left no stone unturned. Music was blasting all over the boat. Everyone was productive and had a great time. Also, an extra special shoutout to Gordon, the Amandas, and Amelia, who had quite the excursion into the gray water tanks. From the sound of their intimate encounter with the sludge that had built up in the tank over the last six months and the smell coming out of the salon, the experience could only be classified as type 3 fun. Nonetheless, they got through it like champs and had a great attitude. Never give up, never surrender!

After a busy morning, we had a surprise visit from Jim, the owner of Argo. To my great joy, he brought one of my personal favorite meals, KFC (Korean fried chicken). The fried chicken was heavenly, and it was accompanied by sushi, fresh rice, and delicious sides. On top of that, one of our customs agents had brought a whole other meal with him. I think it’s safe to say that no one was hungry by the end. Everyone ate their fill for lunch and was very grateful. Following lunch was a quick cleanup, and we got back to work finishing up our jobs. Right after clean up from dinner, we’re looking forward to some cookies from the baking squad and the infamous lack of talent show. It’s probably going to be chaotic, but it’s definitely going to be fun.

The bittersweet excitement of going home is tangible. As the end of this amazing semester draw rapidly nearer, I think that it has let us reflect on how close we have gotten as a crew these past 90 days. It’s really amazing to think about how we were complete strangers in an airport just three months ago. We’ll be sure to keep making unforgettable memories and do the most with these last couple of days.

From yours truly,

Matt, the PFD monster
Gabe, the tether kraken,
Bake squad!!!
Messy BA x3

DAY 91 – Justin’s Birthday! by Zack B.

First of all, it was Justin’s Birthday today, and we all sang him happy birthday about 20 times. He always keeps spirits high on Argo! We started with Boat Appreciation today and taking the mainsail off Argo for her to be hauled out for a big refit soon. Everyone had fun cleaning and listening to music today, and everyone was happy even though it was our final full day with everyone! We had a big surprise and got ice cream delivered to the boat, something that we dreamed about while we were sleeping. We had delicious homemade Thai curry for dinner and homemade Nutella donuts for Justin’s birthday dessert. Even though we are coming to an end, we created lifelong friendships and a community that can’t be broken. We have learned so much from each other and grown as people. Thank you, Argo!

Gordon putting his final sticker on his Divemaster application!
Vivian’s famous cookie recipe

DAY 92 – Bye Cry Fly Day by Chloe D.

After squeeze last night, everyone jammed in as much card-writing, farkle-playing, and movie-watching as they could. We had our final anchor watch, looking out for shady figures and voracious rats. Many people stayed up late struggling with writer’s block, meaning wakeups were a bit dreary this morning. Of course, I had to start things off with Heat Waves, followed up by Never Gonna Give You Up, Mr. Brightside, and Dancing Queen. Will was miffed by the lack of country music, Gordon was resistant to come out of his bunk, D and Kayli fit in a quick cuddle sesh, and Amelia, the resident seventeen-year-old, served as a wonderful dancing queen.
Breakfast was a wonderful meal of off-brand cereal and lukewarm milk, which after only having boatmeal for so long, was absolutely amazing. Immediately following, the remainder of the crew got their brains tickled while everyone else did an abbreviated cleanup, focusing on water conservation. After all, we still have to shower before our flights so that we don’t smell like “Gandhi’s flip flop” (thank you, Tim, for the wonderful analogy).
After cleanup, we moved already packed duffel bags out of the salon to on top of the chart house – Dad, you’ll be proud to know I was the second person packed. Everyone then got to packing, chatting in the salon, signing each other’s sail offcuts and the guestbook, drawing on the back of their cards instead of writing them even though they were due before breakfast, or sticking their head in the sand and avoiding confronting the fact that we have to leave in several hours by watching movies on their phones alone in their bunks facing the wall curled up under a blanket. All of us approached this morning differently.
Eventually, everyone emerged from their bunks, hanging out in the salon and on deck. People brawled and karted on a Nintendo switch hooked up to the TV. Others watched the second Pirates of the Caribbean. A couple of people slept, both in their own bunks and in others’. I personally attempted to make a cowrie shell necklace, while Grace successfully made a friendship bracelet. When going through to muster people for lunch, I crammed into Rykleigh’s bunk with Margo, Kayli, D, and Lucia. It was hot, cramped, and sweaty, but we didn’t mind, seeing as we had freshie showers ahead of us.
We had a late lunch taco bar provided by Gabe and sous chefs. Seventeen of us are leaving for the airport at four pm, meaning we won’t get dinner here. I concluded the meal with a squeeze, including overall appreciations instead of daily ones. The question today was: what travel tips do you have? Everyone reflected on how much the crew has changed and grown throughout the program. For traveling, we recommend staying organized, going to the bathroom before boarding or disembarking the plane, and getting good snacks at the airport.
Afterward, I had tworld’sd’s quickest shower. Lucia and Kayli, who were right after me, unfortunately, were in the middle of showering when we temporarily ran out of water! Currentlit’st’s 3:11 pm, cleanup is finishing up, Margo and D are dancing to Take Me Home Country Roads, duffels are starting to be loaded into the shuttles, aI’mI’m rushing this blog linobody’sy’s businesI’mI’mthrilled to have been the skipper on both the first full student day and the final full student day. Until our paths cross again, this is Chloe signing off (out).

PictureD’sD’s sail pennant – Amelia’sa’ssail pennant – Argo, drawn by Whitney
A pile of donated, mostly toiletries
Gordon, Justin, Matt, and Chris playing smash
Me, D, Margo, Kayli, and Rykleigh in a pile
The shuttles!! With our dirty sheets in the foreground
Most of us, at the airport!