Location: Virgin Gorda

Have you ever seen a baby animal try and walk for the first time? You know how they look so wobbly and cute? Imagine that, but two times less cute and three times more awkward, and you have the crew of the Ocean Star today as we experienced our first “real” day of sailing. Winds broke 25 knots, allowing us to get a taste of what true sailing on a tall ship feels like.

After breakfast, which consisted of pancakes of both the classically round and creatively shaped heart and star variety, cooked by Max and Nicole (I’ll let you guess who cooked which), we partook in a fire drill. The drills are designed to prepare us for any situation while on broad, making life on the Ocean Star that much safer. You’re welcome, parents. Lunch included Kraft Mac and Cheese with bacon and broccoli. The crew approved. After this, we took off sailing to get our feet wet literally and figuratively for longer passages. We partook in boat checks, the rising and taking down of the sails, and navigation during the three-hour trip to and from Anegada. Upon returning to our anchor site off of Virgin Gorda, the majority of the crew took ocean showers while the rest of us made Thai black bean peanut burgers. The sunset over the mountains and ocean was impeccable. The crew ended the day with Marine Biology class and the first Advanced Open Water diving lecture preparing us for our first wreck dive to an airplane tomorrow.

But first, sleep. This is your daily skipper signing off, have a great night.
Abby R.