Location: St. George, Grenada

Today we arrived in Grenada 15 hours early! After expecting a two and a half-day voyage, this was a welcome surprise. We all enjoyed grilled cheese and tomato soup on deck, and a few hours later, Noah shouted, “Land Ho!” and Grenada was in sight. Along with our longest voyage, my watch team (Jack, Ivy, Noah, and I) played more than a few rounds of categories, attempted to catch fish, and gained more experience charting our location on the chart house map. Once we reached our dock spot in Grenada (the first dock we’ve stayed in since our first night in Tortola), we all hit the showers, got ready for a delicious dinner of Shea’s enchiladas, and went up to the local restaurant for a round of triple-chocolate cakes. Grenada’s spice market, famous waterfalls, and Grand Anse beach awaits us. Catamaran rentals, underwater statues, the seven sisters waterfalls, Grenada certainly has a lot to offer, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we can’t wait to experience it all!