Location: Simpson Bay, St. Marteen

Hello everyone!

We started with a relaxed morning, which was well deserved after our first time sailing on to anchor last night at around midnight. During breakfast, we waited to hear about our plans for the morning which were dependent on whether or not the giant fishing net could be removed from our propellor. Thanks to Sam and Ash, the net was successfully removed, and we can continue our voyage. After much deliberation over our Greek salad lunch, we decided to stay put in St. Marteen, which means we got our first taste of land following our 36-hour crossing. We spent many hours over the last couple of days deciding what our first meal on land would look like, and we all were excited to make our dreams come true. None of us could have imagined that it would include helping Andrea devour her 6-pound lobster.

After lunch, we got to work on “Boat to Bed,” which included deep scrubbing the deck, putting the sail covers back on, and cleaning the galley and salon. As soon as Ocean Star was back in tip-top shape, we headed to the salon to work on reading Recreational Dive Planning Tables (RDPs) and took a quick exam to prepare for our final dive to become certified tomorrow.

Once all our work was done, we were able to spend some time on shore, where we all enjoyed seafood and ribs and had the night off from doing dishes. It was the perfect way to celebrate a successful crossing, and we are looking forward to spending a bit more time exploring St. Marten tomorrow before heading to Saba.