Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

Wabi-sabi was the theme of today. What does that mean, you might ask? You should probably look that one up.
My day started with a 3-4 am anchor watch and deep conversations followed by a little yoga sunrise sesh before a 7 am dance party- mandatory for every cabin. We then demolished Bella’s cooking before marine biology class, where we learned about population estimates using raw beans and pasta. We then got in the water for a mass snorkel sesh right next to our mooring. Although snorkeling and diving is now part of our daily routine, being able to identify almost every fish we come across is a whole new level of stoke. After a long morning in the water, we had some study hall / sunbathing time after lunch and finally found out that we’re CLEARED for quarantine!!!!!! That, of course, instantly led to a hiking excursion up Duvernette Island, the coolest little mountain of lava rock we’ve all been eyeing since our arrival. Our first bit of real land time was refreshing and much needed. Experiencing the terrestrial Caribbean was almost cooler than the underwater version because it’s definitely a luxury that is few and far between for right now. Climbing to the top of Duvernette Island was not only strange to be using our legs again and climbing above sea level, but the breathtaking view did indeed put the Wabi in Sabi. After watching the sunset over the ocean with the most insane panoramic view of the Grenadines, we made our way back home to the best burgers some of us have ever had. Dinner was finished with a squeeze question: “What is your proudest moment?” which reflected on some pretty positive and memorable moments to end the day.

1. Home Base
2. Sunset from above sea level
3. Stairway to heaven
4. Views from Duvernete Island
5. Sam and Mac
6. Thea ridding the world of some marine plastic