Location: Heaven

Day 54 was a busy one for the VELA crew, filled with a lot of diving and our last opportunity to venture ashore before passage.


We all woke up bright and early for breakfast (cereal/milk) and a briefing on the upcoming days’ plans. Most of the day consisted of diving. Advanced Divers accompanied the Big Blue Dive company on a chartered boat, allowing for pro-dive-site scouting and skill training. Group 1 headed to a really coral lush cave spot, whereas group 2 hit up two organisms inhabited shipwrecks. Search, and Rescue (extra advanced) divers joined us on these charters but additionally spent the later portion working on skills to achieve their certifications.

Lunch on the boat was presented to us by Jess and her team of chefs, who made meatball subs with unbeatable finesse. The timing was perfect as we in Dive group 1 were ravenous. Not everyone went ashore today, but those who did make sure to conclude their scavenge for amenities, as well as get those last-minute massages and meals in. The beach along Bale Beau Vallon is also quite the spot for some relaxation and a myriad of other activities/antics. Those who dove in the morning ventured on land in the afternoon and vice versa. The night before, we had gravitated to the beach fire a boy named Lindon had made. He played the drum for us, and we all danced around until the night was over. This morning he was back, and Noah joined him with his guitar–a jam session was had. Unfortunately, when we returned for dinner, he was on the beach with his drum–now broken through the head. It’s still ambiguous to us as to what actually caused this tragedy, but he said it went “poof!” Sad times…Dinner was fantastic, though. We ate at La Plage, a restaurant right on the beach.

We then headed back home to Vela by way of Dinghy. Waves were a little intense, so we all got relatively drenched. “Twas a great conclusion to our immersive experience in Seychelles.


–Mads and Henry on land

–Noah and Lindon’s jam session

–Dylan underwater

Love to all my people back home.