Location: Bonaire

Hello everyone guess what, we are in Bonaire and the weather here is beautiful, the water is blue but sadly today is our last day here then its off to Curacao. Today has been such a fun day we had passage prep and we went to CIEE where we got to learn about lion fish and watch a live dissection. This was such a great experience for us because as we all know the lion fish are an invasive species and but no one really knows much about them so it was so cool to learn about them and watch the dissection. After that awesome experience we headed back home and had lunch and after this we did some more passage prep then we got briefed for a night out on the town. Bonaire is beautiful and the town was amazing it was the best night out so far I think the view was spectacular and there was a parade for the last night in the carnival we all had a great time. To my family and friends back home life is still great aboard agro. And happy birthday to Brittany!