Location: Sandy Island

This morning, I excused myself from the activities of the day to make our outbound clearance from Grenada with Customs and Immigration. As I returned from the protracted but pleasant formalities, I was met by the last group of our crew completing their tender driving class. Drew had changed his normal attire for the uniform of a DDLA Officer, an official tricorn hat, epaulets on his shoulders, a bright orange whistle around his neck, and a slate on his belt. Despite stories of illegal donuts, new paintwork to the side of Ocean Star, and some mis-found gears, all involved success and were issued with the prized license by the Dinghy Drivers Licensing Authority.
After lunch, brought another session of Oceanography, this time delving into sediment. Study hall followed, and then we took a trip back to the beach to enjoy some time again on Sandy Island. Spirits were high as everyone jumped in the water, skimmed stones, or lazed on the sand. The highlight for me was to see a hoard of hermit crabs devouring a split coconut.
As the sun set, we headed back to Ocean Star and set about our evening routine, all onboard thoroughly versed in it now. Tomorrow, we depart Grenada and make the short trip over the channel to Union Island, our first stop in The Grenadines.

Last but not least, I love whales more than anything, and here are my favorite quotes of wisdom:
The most dangerous type of canoe is a volcano.
Why is the sea salty? Because land didn’t wave back.