Location: Terre de Haute, Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Hello friends and family!! Today, the crew of Argo shared a lot of laughs and made some new memories on our last day in the beautiful Terre de Haute. Our day began bright and early with a breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, and fresh fruit. Small groups then broke off to get ready for another busy day of diving. Those who aren’t certified yet got to complete their second and third open water dive, and those who have their certifications got to go on a fun dive in the afternoon. My group (Pieter, Klay, Alexandra, Gabe, and Kelsey) was the first to head out right after breakfast. It was a lot of fun to see all of us getting more comfortable while exploring the underwater world. Update: Students who boarded Argo with no prior scuba experience will officially be Open Water Certified tomorrow!

After completing our dives, we came back home to Argo and had free time. Some people worked on their rescue diver modules, others lounged on the bow, took a nap, or enjoyed a swim. Anna, Molly, Max, and I had fun listening to Gabe give us an in-depth lecture on all of his tools for use around the boat. Dinner was a yummy chicken pesto pasta and salad. The squeeze question for today was “What’s your biggest fear?” and it was nice to get to know the crew on a deeper level. We will be departing Les Saintes at about 1300 tomorrow! As of right now, the plan is to raise the sails fully and make it there without the engine, which a lot of people are excited about.

Mom, dad, and family, I miss you lots. See you next time! <3