Location: Mo'orea, Society Islands

A morning on Argo never ceases to amaze me. This morning was no exception. After performing my skipper duties by waking everyone up, I went to the deck and was swept away by the natural beauty of Mo’orea’s lush hills. After a nice breakfast a la Tim which consisted of a variety of cereals, the crew was split up into three different groups. One of the three groups was the first to take the Navmaster exam, an exam that has been in our sights for quite some time. The other groups got to learn about oxygen tanks and how to use them for our Rescue and Emergency First Responder courses, as well as do our oral exam for seamanship with Meg. Throughout the day, each group got to do their Navmaster exam and a bit of boat appreciation as well. Due to some rain, however, our boat appreciation tasks shifted into having to go down below and get started on packing our bags. Throughout this voyage, the thought of having to repack had never occurred to me until this very afternoon. After a bittersweet cubby cleaning session, I found all of the things that I had been missing for the longest time, from that packet of gum I lost to every pen I’ve used on this voyage.

During showers, the day got knocked into twelfth gear, as Amy arose from the water in her dive gear and was clearly in distress. She had panicked diver written all over her. It became apparent that it was another rescue diver scenario. After rallying the crew and splitting off into different roles, Amy was recovered, and the “missing divers” were searched for. While we ultimately didn’t pass that scenario, we’ve certainly gotten much better at reacting and will certainly be ready for the next one to come.

Pictured: Tim hard at work, Deckie crew soft smiles, and karaoke, Drake embracing the steward roles, crew members in the galley. Jack is performing his gopher duties, and a picture of Jack taken a right before a large piece of Tupperware fell onto him.