Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

We started off the morning with an English breakfast by chef Drew and went on land to go zip-lining through the rainforest. Everyone had an amazing time zipping through the thirteen lines and having shore time afterward. Ashlyn and I went to go explore more of Falmouth Harbour today by first grabbing some delicious sandwiches for lunch and fries. During my time at the restaurant, I got to play some rounds of pool with some locals and ended up winning both games. By the way, thank you, dad, for teaching me how to play pool and some tricks. Anyways we got to watch the world cup, where Japan lost to Croatia during pk’s, and it wasn’t a good sight to see. Afterward, we walked around the area, meeting some interesting locals and going to some shops around the area. We both ended up buying some clothes from this cute pop-up shop where we met this sweet lady. She was really kind and nice to us that she even gave us both anklets to take with us. Later we tried to get on some of the yachts to see if we could get a tour, but our mission failed. As it was time to get back on Ocean Star, we had a roast dinner that was really good and a great sunset to go with the dinner; it was so magical. Soon once dinner was done, we had a straw hat ceremony by Waring, where she gave her hat away to one of the staff members. It was really fun with everything that was happening, especially when Steph and Drew hopped in the water for a broken-down straw hat. We were all laughing our heads off, and then Nick threw Heather over into the water right after, making it even better. The three of them sprung out of the water, trying to pull Nick’s phone out of his hand and throw him in the water as well. Nick held on to his phone as tight as possible and wouldn’t let go of it for dear life. However, they couldn’t get Nick in the water, and sadly he didn’t get wet at all. In the end, the hat went to Drew, and he was crowned king. Once clean-up was over, the second half of the night dive group went off and saw some cool sea creatures while the other half watched “Racing Extinction” and ate some popcorn. Sadly this is my last blog that I will ever be writing on Oceanstar as skipper, but It was fun while it lasted. I will miss Oceanstar dearly and all the wild things that have happened as well as everyone on here. I have learned so much and will be taking the experiences with me into my future, wherever it may be. Mom and dad, I can’t wait to see you in a few days and be back home. I love you all so much and want to thank you for everything you have done, especially for letting me be here. This journey has really changed me into a better person, and I am so glad that I made this decision. Have a goodnight, everyone, and wish you all sweet dreams. <3

Photo 1: Sunrise
Photo 2-5: Exploring around Falmouth
Photo 6: Showers under Alexis’ ‘first full 180 rainbow’
Photo 7-10: Possibly the best sunset yet
Photo 8: Waring’s hat ceremony
Photo 9: Steph, Heather, and Drew post water
Photo 10: Drew crowned winner