Location: Porto Pollo, Sardinia

Like most people, I regard Sunday as a holy day, not religiously but as a day when everything moves a little slower. No one cares on Sunday if you want to just read a book all day, or watch YouTube videos for hours, or walk around in your underwear until 4 pm. But on the Argo, things are a little different. My lazy Sunday began at 6:45 to the sound of Sam, Britt, and Elizabeth furiously trying to make enough pancakes to feed 30 mouths. After just over a week, it feels like nothing out of the ordinary to walk up onto the deck and find not only a beautiful sunrise but the avid cameraman capturing time-lapse shots of it with a Go Pro. One thing that I had yet experienced was the skipper’s role of waking everyone up, a privilege I took full advantage of this morning. Some jump out of bed with smiles to greet the day, while some give me a thumbs up and quickly fall back asleep. The Sunday ahead of us consisted of scuba classes, where we went deeper than ever before. After last night’s introduction to Marine Biology and Oceanography, I found a new excitement associated with exploring the depths below us. After my group was finished scuba diving, I allowed myself to slip back into my Sunday mindset, tanning on the bowsprit, doing dives off the beam, and playing cards in the galley. Today is our last in Porto Pollo, as we leave tomorrow morning for Bonifacio, providing more evidence to my theory that, for no matter where we leave from, the next port will have an even more exciting name. set date:2012-09-23