Location: Gorda Sound

We awoke this morning to a beautiful sunrise poking through the clouds off the horizon of Gorda Sound. The chefs of the day made some of the best breakfast burritos which were quickly devoured by the crew. After breakfast we had a pin rail race putting our new skills and knowledge to the test identifying all the lines on board, which sails they’re attached to and what they’re used for. Then followed knot tying lessons. After our lessons we had our first Marine Bio quiz, a fish identification quiz, which everyone mastered. Our Captain then led us towards the Dogs Islands, where the Open Water Divers had their last open water dive before they were certified. The dive site contained a sunken airplane, which we all swam through, and we even saw a huge barracuda! After a refreshing shower in the blue water, the open water students then took their final exam to become certified divers. After that we sailed for Roadtown, having a delicious dinner in the rain! More memories to come! Cheers.