Location: Antigua

Today started off with one of Tor’s signature scrambles of eggs, potatoes, vegetables, and magic. After renewing our energies, we divided into groups for MTE. In those groups, we practiced tying knots, making a three-point fix, and all the steps of sail raising. Once we completed those tasks, it was time to jump in the water. Most of our crew are in the process of getting their Rescue Diver certifications; essentially Emergency First Responder techniques applied for water activities. They donned their dive gear and jumped in for a full day of instruction and practice. The soon-to-be Rescue Divers learned how to respond to tired, panicked, and unresponsive divers, both on the surface of the water and under the water. The other members of the crew studied Oceanography and Marine Biology during the day. The evening brought well-deserved tacos and an oceanography class. The crew now retires to flashy new hammocks strung every which way across the deck. We’re hoping for a clear night and an early breakfast.