Location: 9 03.78'S 20 46.94'W

The first meal of the day was a winner,
Seemed to be the consensus as we waited eagerly for dinner.
It was a wonderful meal,
Met with enthusiasm and zeal,
Made by chefs who could turn the saddest sailor into a grinner.

Rolling into our first class of the day,
Seamanship had us peering at a chart of the Chesapeake Bay.
Learning about magnetic deviation,
Navigating waters claimed by no nation,
With sails up or down– we’re still making our way.

Though we were melting in the sweltering heat,
Marine bio was a class that couldn’t be beat.
Playing with play dough and taking notes in class,
And learning about skates and rays and making time pass,
We all stayed awake– what a feat!

With the upcoming dinner equally as fun,
Homemade dough balls in soup for more than one,
The day was a success,
And the food? There was no excess.
Here’s to another day sailing in the sun!

As each new day ends we continue to grow,
Every day nurturing the close relationships we sow.
With the next 2 months getting closer to date,
Days passing at a mildly alarming rate,
I can’t wait for what tomorrow brings Argo– the high and low.

Happy Birthday mon Helene!!!! love you, Carolou